20/02/2014Goodbye Bialik!

Today I am saying goodbye to Cafe Bialik. The cafe publishes a monthly flyer/ music performances program advertising its playlist and changing exhibitions in the cafe, and I designed their monthly program, creating three different design directions since June 2010 (2010-2011, 2012-2013, and the flag-inspired series on this post), plus a special World Cup month design in 2010.

I enjoyed developing colourful and vibrant designs to fit the spirit and feel of Bialik, and it was a challenge every time to think of a new and refreshing way to showcase the cafe and its music program in an eye-catching layout.

In the last program series I took physical elements from the Cafe’s space (windows, lamp shades, floor etc) and in a process of abstraction turned them into flag designs.

Goodbye Cafe Bialik, and good luck to Anna, their new designer : )
bialik-feb14 bialik-jan14 13-12-bialik 13-11-bialik 13-9-bialik 13-8-bialik 13-7-bialik

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13/02/2014On the road with Alice


It must have been 14-15 years since the last time I have seen this film, and watching it again was an unexpected surprise (because I didn’t remember how good it was) and an uplifting experience.

Wim Wenders’ 1974 ‘Alice in the cities’ is a gem and my favourite movie at the moment – it is sensitive, slow paced, sweet and moving. Beautifully shot in black and white with a very low budget, and music by the mighty CAN (apparently they were friends of Wim Wenders at the time and wrote the score in 10 minutes as a favour).

It tells the story of a German journalist, played by Rüdiger Vogler, who finds himself having to care for a 9 years old girl- Alice (played by the amazing Yella Rottlander) and follows their relationship developing across New York, Amsterdam and Germany – a road movie with a difference.

Oh, and a cool poster too!
Alice-in-the-cities-2 Alice-in-the-cities-3 Alice-in-the-cities-4

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14/01/2014My kind of eye candy


So perhaps I was a bit too optimistic- hoping I could continue posting on this blog while working full time, moving house and surviving the festive season… but last week I saw a brochure at work that made my heart sing a little, and I’m in the mood for sharing.

It’s a promotional brochure from GFSmith, a British premium papers supplier, and I love how the design is subtle, yet so bright and playful with an explosion of colours. To me this is visual poetry- it’s all about paper, colour, and print.

The paper flap with information covers part of the photo, and peeping under it feels like you are about to reveal a hidden gem. Images are printed 4 colour process with Magenta, Cyan and Yellow swapped out for Rubine Red, Process Blue and Yellow 012 to increase saturation- now, that’s useful information for a graphic designer!

image-front  image-inside

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Going through old photos, I found this one – dated almost four years ago. Up to that point, our home was pretty much pink-free, and I remember how overwhelmed I was by all that pinkness we received in presents from friends and relatives.
After out-growing baby clothes, she was wearing clothes we picked for her (therefore not pink), but reaching the age of 3.5 it has returned in all its glory, together with various shades of purple, hearts, stars, butterflies, flowers and glitter. One can only hope it’s a passing phase…

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04/10/2013Welcome Oona Ira Firestone!

My blog has been shamefully neglected (but for excellent reasons!), so this is a good opportunity to publish a little something I had the pleasure to design recently: a birth announcement for a very cute baby born- congratz!

Dog delivering baby: ze Merle
Baby rock-n-roller: Oona Ira Firestone
Concept, Art direction and birth giver: Hillary Blake Firestone
Father and supporter: Jeroen Kimman
Graphic Design: Miritte Ben Yitzchak


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