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29/05/2015Futuristic men, a baby and a toddler

Years ago, way back in 1998 when I just moved to Amsterdam, I used to receive post for the previous tenants who seemed to know everyone there was to know in the local art scene (or so it seemed to us newcomers). Among others, they received invitations for events in HEDAH, a centre for contemporary art in Maastricht.
I collected them at the time, and just found them again recently. These invitations are so weird, and kind of freaky, but they somehow work. I wonder how the designer pitched it to the client though… futuristic men, a baby and a toddler.

HEDAH’s current website, by the way, is beyond boring. I guess whoever commissioned those invitations would have never approve them today…

The invitations do not credit the designer, and I couldn’t find any other information about it (obviously they were distributed at an ancient time when internet was hardly in use), but if anyone out there knows the name of the person who created these images, I would love to set history straight and credit him/ her here…

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