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20/02/2014Goodbye Bialik!

Today I am saying goodbye to Cafe Bialik. The cafe publishes a monthly flyer/ music performances program advertising its playlist and changing exhibitions in the cafe, and I designed their monthly program, creating three different design directions since June 2010 (2010-2011, 2012-2013, and the flag-inspired series on this post), plus a special World Cup month design in 2010.

I enjoyed developing colourful and vibrant designs to fit the spirit and feel of Bialik, and it was a challenge every time to think of a new and refreshing way to showcase the cafe and its music program in an eye-catching layout.

In the last program series I took physical elements from the Cafe’s space (windows, lamp shades, floor etc) and in a process of abstraction turned them into flag designs.

Goodbye Cafe Bialik, and good luck to Anna, their new designer : )
bialik-feb14 bialik-jan14 13-12-bialik 13-11-bialik 13-9-bialik 13-8-bialik 13-7-bialik

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13/02/2014On the road with Alice


It must have been 14-15 years since the last time I have seen this film, and watching it again was an unexpected surprise (because I didn’t remember how good it was) and an uplifting experience.

Wim Wenders’ 1974 ‘Alice in the cities’ is a gem and my favourite movie at the moment – it is sensitive, slow paced, sweet and moving. Beautifully shot in black and white with a very low budget, and music by the mighty CAN (apparently they were friends of Wim Wenders at the time and wrote the score in 10 minutes as a favour).

It tells the story of a German journalist, played by RĂ¼diger Vogler, who finds himself having to care for a 9 years old girl- Alice (played by the amazing Yella Rottlander) and follows their relationship developing across New York, Amsterdam and Germany – a road movie with a difference.

Oh, and a cool poster too!
Alice-in-the-cities-2 Alice-in-the-cities-3 Alice-in-the-cities-4

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