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14/01/2014My kind of eye candy


So perhaps I was a bit too optimistic- hoping I could continue posting on this blog while working full time, moving house and surviving the festive season… but last week I saw a brochure at work that made my heart sing a little, and I’m in the mood for sharing.

It’s a promotional brochure from GFSmith, a British premium papers supplier, and I love how the design is subtle, yet so bright and playful with an explosion of colours. To me this is visual poetry- it’s all about paper, colour, and print.

The paper flap with information covers part of the photo, and peeping under it feels like you are about to reveal a hidden gem. Images are printed 4 colour process with Magenta, Cyan and Yellow swapped out for Rubine Red, Process Blue and Yellow 012 to increase saturation- now, that’s useful information for a graphic designer!

image-front  image-inside

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