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06/08/2013Holes teaser posters

holes-1 holes-2

I’ve been meaning to post these great posters for ages now, noticing them in our local French bakery, the Thai shop, and around the university, but didn’t get round to it, no time these days…

They were pretty mysterious, not giving much away at first, but slowly more information was revealed, and now there is another poster announcing the play showing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (although the latter is not as intriguing).

It advertises Holes:
Three conference organisers and a teenage girl are the sole survivors of a fatal plane crash on a remote tropical island. Written by Tom Basden and directed by Phillip Breen.
Secret seaside location. Transport provided (ooh, I am intrigued again!)
Running time: 3hrs 30mins

So there are four characters in the play, but I only saw two poster variations- have I missed the other two? and who designed these? the mystery continues!

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