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29/04/2013An arbitrary selection of flyers from Israel

Mini Fest 15/4/13 Independence Day party

Two Room Apartment by Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, an intriguing performance and a reconstruction of Nir Ben Gal and Liat Dror’s iconic work from 1987.
Illustration based on original work publicity photo by Ruth Gwily, design by Kobi Franco

Haachim and Casino San Remo’s Independence Day party with Israeli sixths prime minister Menachem Begin as a casino player, ooooh

Donkey Eats Orange theatre play

(apologies for not crediting designers/ illustrators, couldn’t find who they are!)

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18/04/2013Sumo’s killer typographic design

The publicity for the ‘Death to Death and Other Small Tales’ exhibition (what a title!) at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art caught my eye because it is so unusual to see a typographic solution to an art exhibition. It made me curious to find out what’s behind it.

It was designed by Sumo, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and on their website they explain the idea behind the design:

The “Death to Death…” exhibition identity is intended to engage potential visitors. It invites them to interact with the design in a similar way they will navigate around the exhibition itself: at first seeing elements which could be perceived as jumbled and confused, and then looking further, creating pairings and making connections, eventually understanding the complete picture.
There is also a practical side to the design solution – because there was no one artwork image that could be used to justifiably sum up the complete story of the exhibition, it was decided that a purely typographic route was the best way to circumnavigate this problem whilst simultaneously making a virtue out of the long and potentially difficult to use exhibition title.

sumo2 sumo3
All images above by Sumo

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03/04/2013Illustrators #4: Lesley Barnes’ foxy publicity

Harp has never been so foxy…
Very sweet illustrations for publicity for the Edinburgh International Harp Festival by illustrator Lesley Barnes.


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