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12/07/2012Midsummer Chronophage

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog due to great changes in my life- I am in process of relocating with my partner and daughter from Amsterdam to Edinburgh and therefore pretty busy‚Ķ
This will explain a slight Scottish tendency in the content of my future posts : )

I visited the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, which is a fantastic building full of curiosities, has great exhibition design, and is a good shelter on rainy days.

The piece above caught my eye and imagination – I’ve always been fascinated by the mysterious perception of time, and was excited to see a clock mechanism that explored this idea.
The timepiece is called the Chronophage or Time-eater. It was designed by Dr John C Taylor, an inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Taking inspiration from the fact that everyone experiences time differently, Dr Taylor wanted to design a clock that showed variable time. The display through the light slits which replace the traditional hands and numbers will sometimes pause, run backwards, or run faster. Thus the clock may be a few seconds off but accurate time is shown once every five minutes when the clock corrects itself. The shape depicts time radiating from the centre of the universe for eternity, like ripples on a pond. The hour is struck by the sound of a chain clanking into a small wooden coffin concealed in the back of the clock to remind us that our time on earth is limited.

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